Monday, September 22, 2008

Xuanxuan Shangren

Xuanxuan Shangren was the first supra-being incubated from Tao, according to an introduction by Lao Tsu in a Taoist guidance book called ''The Feast of the Immortal Peaches'' . The same genesis in the Chinese creation myth was also explained in a second guidance book called Tiantang Yiuji 天堂遊記 whereby it was described that out of the primodial infinite ''Nothingness'' or came Taiji , which then split into the binary yin and yang or ''two aspects'' , yin and yang splitting into the ''four realms'' and from which begets , and from which every beings were created. The following texts were traceable to the legendary emperor Fuxi as well as Tao Te Ching:

*無極生有極, 有極是太極,
*太極生兩儀, 即陰陽;
*兩儀生四象: 即少陰、太陰、少陽、太陽,
*四象演八卦, 八八六十四卦

Xuanxuan Shangren is also sometimes called Hongjun Laozu reputedly the teacher of the Three Pure Ones. He was the first personified ''being'' from creation but not a known historical person who attained purification and made it to heaven.

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