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Tiangang 36 methods

Tiangang 36 methods were the thirty-six methods to manipulate the heaven and the environment were different skills decreed by heaven and in line with the nature and potential of Wuji, as explained by the ''Lingbao Tianchun'' in a Taoist guidance book called ''Tiantang Yiuchi''. These gifts were once practised by authorized agents or Taoist daoshi who would come to aid those in need or in oppression.

Many feats in the Fengshen Yanyi involved the use of Tiangang 36 methods or those of Disha 72 ways.

The Tiangang 36 methods skills are listed as follow:

1. 斡旋造化 : To negotiate creation.

2. 顛倒陰陽 : To reverse yin and yang.

3. 移星換斗 : To move planets and star.

4. 迴天返日 : To summon day and the sun.

5. 喚雨呼風 : To hail rain and summon the wind.

6. 振山撼地 : To shake mountain and thunder the earth.

7. 駕霧騰雲 : To ride on mist and jump on clouds.

8. 劃江成陸 : To transform river to earth.

9. 縱地金光 : Unclear *

10. 翻江攪海 : To turn river and stir the ocean.

11. 指地成鋼 : To transform earth into steel.

12. 五行大遁 : Exit methods based on Wu xing.

13. 六甲奇門 : Escape-doors from Liujia.

14. 逆知未來 : To foresee the future.

15. 鞭山移石 : To move mountain and rocks.

16. 起死回生 : To bring life to the dead.

17. 飛身托跡 : To fly *

18. 九息服? : Unclear*

19. 導出元陽 : To leave one’s body as a yuanyang.

20. 降龍伏虎 : To tame dragon and tiger.

21. 補天浴日 : To mend the sky.

22. 推山填海 : To move mountain and fill the sea.

23. 指石成金 : To transform stone to gold, i.e. alchemy.

24. 正立無影 : To hide one’s shadow.

25. 胎化易形 : To masquerade one’s look*.

26. 大小如意 : To change one’s size or stature.

27. 花開頃刻 : To make flower blosom.

28. 遊神禦氣 : Unclear*

29. 隔垣洞見 : To see from afar.

30. 迴風返火 : To summon wind and fire.

31. 掌握五雷 : To summon thunder.

32. 潛淵縮地 : To escape in abyss or earth*

33. 飛砂走石 : To move sand and rock*

34. 挾山超海 : To skip over mountain and sea.

35. 撒豆成兵 : To make soldiers from beans.

36. 釘頭七箭 : Unclear*

Text Reference

In chapter six Lingbao Tianchun explained to the adherent on the Tiangang 36 methods as follow: “…. 今引三十六天罡法古今相同實證如下﹕
一、 古人有顛倒陰陽之法;今人有電燈出現,黑夜可以變為白晝,如夜市熱鬧,由天反而曦微也。
二、 古人有駕霧騰雲之法;今人有乘坐飛機,穿梭雲霧之間,此則是科技之變法也。
三、 古人有移星換斗之法;今日可以換心換腎,而且用狗與猴之五臟與人互換,此即移星換斗之法也。
四、 古人有五行大遁之法,五遁即金木水火土之遁法也;今者水遁有潛水艇之出現,金者有噴射機之發明,土者用地洞之滲透,五遁已成三遁也。
五、 古人有逆知未來之法;今人有雷達之發明,敵機、敵艦將來可以偵測而知;颱風暴雨之來可以預測而知,氣象變化,科學可以卜知也。
六、 古人有飛身托跡之法﹔今人有飛機、電車之坐,頃刻可以飛身托跡他處也。
七、 古人有推山填海之法﹔今人可用炸藥或開山機、推土機,將山土推入海中也。
八、 古人有降龍伏虎之法﹔今人用電鞭亦可馴龍伏虎也。
九、 古人有掌握五雷之法﹔今人可以以電腦控制。手指一按,引爆炸彈,如五雷之轟隆震耳也。
十、 古人有隔垣洞見之法﹔今人有電視之轉播,千里之影像,眼前可見,此即﹁千里眼﹂也。有電話可通,萬里之聲耳邊可聞,此即﹁順風耳﹂也。
十一、 古人有撒豆成兵之法﹔今日製造炸彈,一粒如豆,一旦爆炸開花,則如豆粒之散開,殺力無窮也。 以上乃是三十六天罡法古今之略述。

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